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Mo metal mirror

Reflector is an important component in laser beam transmission system. In CO2 laser optical path, the coordination between reflector and focus lens constitutes a complete optical path, which saves more space for laser machine design, minimizes laser loss and, to a great extent, keeps the power of the laser work.

1、 Product Name: Mo metal mirror

Generally, reflector use molybdenum and silicon as the substrate. Mo reflector can work under the harsh environmental conditions and has long working lifetime, endure higher power, no coating on surface, wipe-resistant and the disadvantage of low reflectivity.

2、  Product Name: Silicon dielectric film reflector

At present, Silicon reflector with good optics characteristics is mostly used. Dielectric film reflector is a new total reflection mirror with the single crystal Si as substrate and coating dielectric material on it to reflect CO2 laser. It has advantages of a high reflectivity, light weight, wipe-resistant and resistant to oxidation and etc.

Common processing requirements for the reflector.

Appearance tolerance: 0/-0.1mm

Thickness tolerance: ±0.1mm

Finish: S1:40-20,S2: finish grinding

Parallel degree: <1′

Effective aperture: >90%

Chamfer: <0.2×45°

Coating film: coating high anti-membrane

Focus Lens

Silicon dielectric film reflector

Silicon dielectric film reflector

Focus lens is widely used in laser CO2 laser processing industry, including laser cutting, engraving, marking, drilling and other laser systems.

Product Name: GaAs Laser Focus Lens

Product description: GaAs laser focusing lens is widely used in laser processing, (cutting, drilling, welding, sculpture, etc.) and a variety of laser systems. Our company has developed two series of flat-convex and crescent-shaped products to meet the market needs.

Product Name: ZnSe Laser Focus Lens

Product description: ZnSe has been made by means of import CVD from USA, and this material has low absorbance. The lens can can withstand high power density and the surface coating is solid , not easy to fall off and wipe-resistant. After AR-coating has been coated on double-side of imported ZnSe, the transmissivity of the wavelength 10.6um, which is commonly used in CO2 laser industry, can reach 99.5%.  We have optimized the design from two sides – diffraction and aberration and have developed a series of products with the minimum actual focal spot diameter in the case of the same focal length. We can respectively design and produce the products according to different requirements of the customers for focus length, rear focus length, lens aperture, the diameter of the incident ray and so on.


Common processing requirements for the focus lenses.

Designed wavelength: 10.6um

Focus length tolerance: ±1%

Appearance tolerance: 0/-0.1mm

Thickness tolerance: ±0.1mm

Finish:  20-10

Eccentric:    <3′

Effective aperture: >90%

Chamfer: <0.2×45°

Coating Film: 10.6um AR-coating


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